What is Cyber Monday?

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving when you wake up at 4am {if you went to sleep at all the night before} to be included in the thousands of consumers that flock to retail stores in hopes of snatching up a few *HOT* Christmas items at discount prices. I, myself, have been included in this group since, after all, having a child these days is UBER expensive!

But what exactly is “Cyber Monday”? Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday when online retailers take advantage of consumer shopping sprees. They call it “Cyber” because the hot deals usually can’t be found in stores – they’re for online consumers only!

One of my favorite sites that celebrates Cyber Monday is Amazon. They’re such big competitors of Walmart, that they take advantage of not having store-front expenses and drop their prices to rock bottom!

Now that you know a little more about it, will you be shopping on this day? As with Black Friday, there are often “leaks” to what will be on sale on Cyber Monday, so you can usually see what you would benefit from NOT buying Black Friday. Since we’re on such a tight budget, I will be taking advantage of sales on both days, but this will be the first year I have actually shopped on Cyber Monday. If you’ve bought products on this day, were they much cheaper than Black Friday’s prices? How long did it take you to receive them? I’m sure shipping was delayed due to the large quantity of people ordering on the same day?

FREE Bissel Stomp ‘N Go {MIR} + Printable Coupons

I came across this mail in rebate for Bissel Stomp ‘N Go {offer expires 04/15/2012} and had to share. They’re offering for consumers to try Bissel Stomp ‘N Go for FREE!  You know how much I love that word!! LOL  Personally, I can’t wait to try it. My son is always spilling drinks on the floor and I’m always on my hands and knees blotting them out. Next time I go to Walmart, I’ll definitely be picking up a box!

I also found some great coupons you can use towards Bissel Stomp ‘N Go. You can use them to knock of your original OOP for the FREE pack above, or towards future purchases if you find you really like the product!

$1.50/1 Bissel Stomp ‘N Go

$3.00/2 Bissel Stomp N’ Go

Just a heads up, the offer for the FREE Bissel Stomp ‘N Go is only valid for one per “name, address, or household”!


Halloween Candy Coupons

With Halloween creeping up closer and closer every day, it’s time to start keeping an eye out for candy sales!  I’m fortunate enough to live out in the boonies where Trick-or-Treating children don’t frequent my house, but I still like to grab some inexpensive candy around this time of the year to use towards Halloween treat bags and Christmas gift baskets!

$1.00 off any two Fun Size bags of WONKA candy
$1.00 off 2 Fun Size bags of NESTLE candy
$1.40 off 1 bag of NESTLE or WONKA candy  

Here are a few I’ve found so far. If I find more, I’ll definitely keep you guys posted!  All the ones above are for Nestle and Wonka, but there are more coming out every day we get closer to Halloween! Stay tuned because I’m sure there will be a lot more where these came from!


Did You Grab Your Free Scrubbing Bubbles Kit From Walmart Last Week?

I was finally able to open one of the Scrubbing Bubbles kits I got for FREE {plus overage} from Walmart last week, and was pleasantly surprised to find even more coupons in them! Since they don’t expire until the end of next year, I will definitely be holding these ones in my coupon arsenal for some time and waiting for just the right deal!

Just in case you didn’t get yours yet, here’s the scenario:

Buy 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Start Kit {pictured above} – $3.98
Use – $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Cleaning Starter Kit, exp. 10/22/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2) 
Total Cost = FREE

So if you got yours, how did you like it?  My husband was actually the one who hooked ours up. He was watching a show and one of the commercials was for these toilet cleaners came on.  I was in the kitchen, so he yells out, “Baby! Come here!”

I walked into the living room right in time to catch the end of the commercial. Daddy was all excited and said, “You see that? You need to see if you can find any coupons for THAT.” I busted out laughing and he shockingly said, “What?! That thing is cool! I wonder how much it is.”

I responded with, “You don’t remember me showing you those the other day? That’s the kit I got for FREE from Walmart the other day! There are a whole bunch of them in the bathroom, I just need to hook one up.”

I tell you what, I’ve never seen Daddy get up so quickly!!  He walked straight to the bathroom, grabbed a box from the shelf, and hooked it up in less than 5-minutes. Since I’d seen the commercial before, I knew what it was supposed to do and questioned how it was able to spray 360-degrees around the toilet. Surprisingly, it does just that! One quick step on the peddle and a foam spray comes out that really does reach the entire bowl and sends a nice “clean” smell through the entire bathroom.  No, it doesn’t come out of the bowl either – I tested! LOL Sorry to get all “review-y” on you, I just thought I should share how this awesome FREE item really was a GREAT find! :)


Free Chips & Queso at Chili’s! Grab Your Coupon While You Still Can!

Looking to knock some cash off your dinner meal this evening?  Sign up for the Chili’s email club and get instant access to a FREE chips & queso coupon!  What better way to start the meal off than with a free appetizer?

I tell you, Chili’s is one of the restaurants I miss living near. When you move from an ever-populating area to the middle of the desert like I did 1-1/2 years ago, restaurants like Chili’s, that serve awesome burgers and delicious appetizers, are places I miss often.

So if you’re looking for a place to take the family for dinner, snatch up one of these FREE chips & queso coupon and head to Chili’s!


Free Schick Disposable Razors with 10/09 SS Insert

I love when the coupon you’re looking for is right there on the front page! That’s what happened with today’s $2/1 Schick Disposable Razors coupon from today’s Smart Source insert {one of them, at least – I got 2}.  I was flipping through the newspaper to find my inserts and right there on top was the razor one! :D

If you don’t know already, this $2/1 Schick Disposable Razors coupon will score you some FREE disposable razors at Walmart! The coupon specifically says “No Cash Back if Coupon Value Exceeds Retail Price”, so don’t expect to use that left-over change on anything else, but I could always add some more razors to my stock pile, how about you?!


Free Dr Pepper TEN In This Week’s Paper!

Don’t forget to check this week’s Smart Source insert {I actually got two of them – mine was in the one with the Halloween costumes on the front – JCP Portraits} for your FREE 2-liter bottle of Dr Pepper TEN!

Has anyone ever tried the new Dr Pepper TEN? If so, how was it??  We’re Dr Pepper fans in this household, so we’re anxious to see how it tastes. So glad we get to try it for FREE first!!


Traveling Soon? Grab a $100 Travelocity Hotel Gift Card for Only $50!

Between now and October 12, Travelocity is offering customers a $100 gift card for only $50! That’s a savings of 50%!!

You won’t want to miss this one! This would also make an excellent gift for someone. You’re able to give them $100 off their next hotel stay for just $50!!


Looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs?

With the economy being so tight and Moms and Dads everywhere are looking for ways to make money from the comfort of their homes, I wanted to share with you guys a web site that explains various ways to make money over the internet. Almost every internet job DOES require you to be a writer, so keep that in mind when you’re researching some of these opportunities:

My friend, Nikki, over at Funky Fresh Mama is a work-from-home Mom who really knows how to find money on the internet!  While these jobs may not be for everyone, Nikki only shares LEGITIMATE work-from-home companies; all of which she has tried herself.  I currently utilize some of the companies she works for and they all really do pay – even if you have to wait 30-days for some.

One last thing I really must say to those thinking of working from home, GET ORGANIZED! Working from home is not easy!!  In fact, working from home has proven a lot harder for me than when I could go into a building, work for 8 hours, then come home. Often times, women who work from home are often still looked at to prepare all of the meals, clean the house, and entertain/educate the children. Working from home has allowed me to stay home with my son, as well as contribute to our monthly bills.  I’m not making thousands, like some are, but I make enough to help pay or bill or two; which is my ultimate goal with working-from-home.

Del Taco Customer Appreciation Event – Wednesday 8/10

As a firm believer in home-cooked meals, I do have to confess that we eat out maybe once a month. When we do decide to just grab a quick meal instead of run home to eat, we all tend to lean towards Del Taco. I know, I know… it’s weird! Out of all the places we could go out to eat, we choose Del Taco, but they’ve really got some good food that is designed to please the whole family!

I had my first experience with Del Taco when the boys and I came out to California on vacation before moving here. I think the weirdest thing for me was the fact that they sold tacos with fries!! I grew up on the east coast. NEVER had I heard of a restaurant that sold tacos, burgers, and fries, and nachos all on the same menu! It really did take some adjusting, but now I can’t imagine not having that as an option.

Well, today only {August 10, 2011}, Del Taco is celebrating their customers with a Customer Appreciation Event! Between 3PM and 8PM, Del Taco restaurants will be having all regular tacos priced at just $0.29/each!! There ARE a couple restaurants not offering this, so check HERE for a complete list of Del Taco’s that won’t be celebrating with the rest. =(

Also note that there is a limit of 12 tacos per customer. As I’m sure this won’t be a problem for most, those with big families may want to take turns ;)   LOL

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