Del Taco Customer Appreciation Event – Wednesday 8/10

As a firm believer in home-cooked meals, I do have to confess that we eat out maybe once a month. When we do decide to just grab a quick meal instead of run home to eat, we all tend to lean towards Del Taco. I know, I know… it’s weird! Out of all the places we could go out to eat, we choose Del Taco, but they’ve really got some good food that is designed to please the whole family!

I had my first experience with Del Taco when the boys and I came out to California on vacation before moving here. I think the weirdest thing for me was the fact that they sold tacos with fries!! I grew up on the east coast. NEVER had I heard of a restaurant that sold tacos, burgers, and fries, and nachos all on the same menu! It really did take some adjusting, but now I can’t imagine not having that as an option.

Well, today only {August 10, 2011}, Del Taco is celebrating their customers with a Customer Appreciation Event! Between 3PM and 8PM, Del Taco restaurants will be having all regular tacos priced at just $0.29/each!! There ARE a couple restaurants not offering this, so check HERE for a complete list of Del Taco’s that won’t be celebrating with the rest. =(

Also note that there is a limit of 12 tacos per customer. As I’m sure this won’t be a problem for most, those with big families may want to take turns ;)   LOL

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