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I am a work-from-home Mom who blogs about crafts, recipes, deals, and the hottest new products. I live in beautiful California with my husband {Daddy}, and our 4-year-old son {Little Man}.

I have experience in small business management, marketing, and composition.  I have been blogging for a little over a year and provide honest, accurate, and thorough reviews of the products I represent. I am also an ethical blogger who follows all FTC blogger regulations.

Ethical Blogger

Site Statistics

mozRank: 4.34
Google PageRank: 2
Monthly Pageviews: 5200+
Unique Monthly Visitors: 3000

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Google Friend Connect: 490+
Facebook Fan Page: 440+
Twitter Fan Page: 650+
Email Subscribers: 150+
Networked Blogs: 109+

Services I Offer

  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorships
  • Sidebar Advertising

Have a product you’d like to have endorsed?

 We are definitely open to new reviews and giveaways! My family and I like to review things for children and adults – male and female consumers. Some categories we lean towards are:

* All-Natural/Organic products
* Children related products
* Children’s clothing
* Children’s movies/dvds/cds
* Cleaning products
* Dog (small) related products
* Electronics
* Food/Snacks/Drinks
* Gift cards/ electronic gift cards
* Home improvement
* Men’s clothing
* Plus size clothing
* Online services
* Outdoor gear (camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, ect.)
* Toys/Games
* Wii accessories and games

For reviews, we ask that a sample product be provided (this product will not be returned). We will use this sample to produce an honest review for our readers. This review will include a direct link to the product we reviewed, as well as a direct link to your company’s main web page. The average time for a review to be completed and posted is about two weeks, but this is subject to change depending on the product being reviewed (this will be discussed before you send the sample product).

Because our giveaways INCLUDE a review of the product or service being given away, we do ask that a sample product be provided for giveaways. Sponsored giveaways are also available. A general overview of the product will be used.  Please contact me for more information and current pricing. The sponsor is responsible for sending each giveaway winner their prize.


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