Weekly Drug Store Wrap-Up 9/09-9/15

Well, it’s the end of week 2′s Weekly Drug Store Wrap-Up and I’m beginning to realize that my favorite store, by far, is Walgreens.  Not only do they usually have the best deals as the other drug stores around me, but the staff is also MUCH better and actually ENCOURAGE my couponing, not act as thought it’s an inconvenience. At Rite Aid, I even had the cashier refer to couponers as “you people” – that doesn’t exactly make me feel like me and my mullah {no matter how little that may be hee hee} are welcome.  Granted, that won’t stop me from grabbing the better deals at Rite Aid or CVS, but I definitely take my time at Walgreens and enjoy the quiet time.

One thing I should mention for those who haven’t done so yet, I did go ahead and opt-out of the new Load2Card program Rite Aid is doing. I just find it easier to keep track of my +UP rewards when I have paper to look at. Plus, I’d hate to accidentally screw up and slide my Rite Aid card FIRST which would pull off any +UP Rewards I have BEFORE coupons are used leaving me high and dry to work my coupon magic ;)

For the deals and matchups I used to get all this, please check out Moms Need To Know.  You can always find accurate and up-to-date deals on there for all of your favorite stores :)


The above loot cost me $31.14, but almost $12 of that went to get the Allegra-D I so desperately needed {it was on sale $10.99/coupon}.  The conditioners {they were out of shampoo so I got conditioner instead to use on some projects}, nail polish, and Carmex were all FREE after coupons and RR’s. Over-all, a very good trip :)

This was the first week I’ve had issue at the register. It wasn’t the employees {they’re AMAZING!}, but the new computers they got. One of my RR’s didn’t print out, but the manager was quick to replace it since it was his manual input that of one of the items that prevented me from getting it.  I honestly love Walgreens. The deals are amazing and the employees even better!


Rite Aid

As usual, not much tickled my fancy this week at Rite Aid. Yes, they did have the deal on Venus razors and I’ve been wanting to add to my razor stock, but I wonder sometimes if the lack of service at Rite Aid is worth the savings. Don’t get me wrong, there are some cool employees there that will rush over to help you get an item if you need, but the ones at the register by my house always seem to be slightly irritated by the whole idea of couponing.


Besides some cheap-ish deodorant, bar soap, and toothpaste, there wasn’t much at CVS this past week. I just LOVE to smell of the Right Guard products and think Hubby smells so good when he wears the deodorant. That’s why I stocked up even though it wasn’t my usual stock-up price ;)

Okay…. starting next week, I’ll be doing things differently.  I’m going to start posting the deals I’m going to take advantage of {I’ll even share the scenarios I plan to do} at the beginning of the week and then just throw some pictures in there after I take advantage of the deals.  This way, you guys can see what I’m going to get with enough time to actually get it yourself!

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