How To Freeze Fresh Cilantro For Later Use

Whether it’s store bought or home grown, cilantro is, by far, my favorite herb.  I have a whole window box dedicated to cilantro because I love the smell and incorporate it with as many meals as possible.

Even with all that cooking and infusing, I tend to find myself with excess cilantro from time-to-time.  While cilantro doesn’t dry well to make dried herbs like with parsley, FREEZING cilantro will help it last for months without browning.

To freeze cilantro, finely chop the cilantro and place it into either an ice mold, a mini muffin tin, or a similarly small cup that is able to go in the freezer. Press down the chopped cilantro so that it is firmly packed. Add water to the mold just enough to cover the cilantro.  Freeze for a few hours or over night, pop out of the container, and store in a freezer-safe container.

When you’re ready to use the cilantro, either thaw it out and mix it into your recipe, or plop the frozen cubes directly into your soup or other hot mixture!  This method is also good for most other herbs, also.


* I’ve been doing this method for years, but I have to send out a special thanks to Budget Savvy Diva for posting this awesome kitchen tip on her blog yesterday.  It reminded me I needed to get out there and trim my over-grown cilantro :P


  1. Frozen cilantro reminds me of algae haha! Buttt it is a neat idea I might have to try once/if I ever start attempting an indoor garden. One day, one day. Anyway, it’s been forever since I’ve visited your site. Everything looks good. I’m glad you’re keeping up on it.

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