Decorating With Duct Tape

Have you ever see those adorable printed duct tape rolls in the stores and wondered what you would actually use those for?  Well, that’s exactly what I thought when I came across some awesome Spiderman printed duct tape.  Of course, I still bought it, because after all, what could be stronger than Spiderman printed duct tape… Superman? {I’ll save that debate for anther day}

In an attempt to organize my son’s ever-growing collection of books, I decided to grab some boxes I had saved from a trip to Costco and repurpose them into a cute display.  It’s so simple, but looks really neat and will surely encourage your little one to come check out their book shelf more often.

All you need is:

  • Printed or Colored Duct Tape {Available at pretty much any store with a home improvement section, including Walmart}
  • Old {but sturdy} Box

Carefully wrap the duct tape around the box, one layer at a time.  THAT’S IT!

Little Man immediately got excited when he saw his books being “protected by Spiderman”, as he put it. I can’t wait to see what other awesome projects I can find to use pretty duct tape for.

For a list of decor projects you can do around the house that involve duct tape, click here!

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