WARNING: Yahoo! Accounts Were Hacked Last Week – Was Yours One Of Them?

Last week, PBS announced that 450,000 Yahoo! emails were hacked and exposed {screen names and passwords}.  I rarely use mine, but I was very grateful to see that mine wasn’t on the list, but if you have a Yahoo! account, you should head over to the PBS site and enter your email to see if yours was one of the 450,000 that were hacked.


Click HERE to check if your Yahoo! account was hacked!


I think this is a big reminder to us all that we really need to protect our identities and change our passwords often.  Don’t pick one that you’ll easily remember because if it’s easy for you, it’ll be easy for the program that the hackers are using to crack it and gain access to all of your personal information and emails.

How often do you change YOUR password?


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