Is Your Home Really Secure: The Most Common Entry Points For A Break-In

Have you ever had your home broken into?  If so, then you know that it’s one of the most horrible feelings of personal violation you can experience.  Not only do you lose whatever it was the burglar broke into your home to get, you also lose the security you felt while you played with you children on the living room floor or slept in your comfortable bed at night.

Like many, I’ve personally experienced a break-in and it was such an unsettling feeling.  To make it worse, it wasn’t an obvious break-in.  The bugler broke in for one thing – my husbands ipod – and if we hadn’t known EXACTLY where he left it before we left the house, we would have never known someone broke into our home.  The thief used out back door – probably by sliding a knife in and opening the lock – grabbed the ipod that was charging under our television, and went back out the way he came in; closing the door back on his way out.

Fortunately for us, we eventually figured out who had broken into our home and got our ipod back, but the first thought that started going through our heads was that we needed a security system, starting with some security lighting  and door/window alarms.  That way, if our home WAS to be broken into we’d at least have some notice this time.

Have you ever considered which entry points of your home are the most likely to be the entrances a burglar will use?  Check out the infograph below {click the picture to enlarge} to find out!

As you can see from the infograph above, the main point of entry used by burglars is the front door!  While most burglars will take the easy route and use a first level door or window, this doesn’t mean that someone who is determined to get into your house won’t shimmy up the drain pipe and bust through your bedroom window.  That’s why having a home security system, like one from Home Security Store, is so important!  Protect your home, protect your family.



  1. Marisa Adams says:

    A friend told me about Godby Safe and Lock after my home in Delray Beach was broken into. I decided to install some security cameras so I visited the office of these Godby guys. Believe me, these aren’t two men in a truck. This is a company that knows their stuff and installed the ideal camera system for my small family.

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