Preparing For Tax Season All Year Long

Tax season may be over, but I’m already preparing for next year!  Because I work from home, there are a lot of different factors that will go into my taxes next April.  I have a lot of expenses that are related to what I do so in order to keep everything simple and easy when I go to file my taxes next year, I’ve been keeping extremely good record of everything I make and spend related to work.

Since this will be the first full year I’ve worked from home, I’ve decided to change things up in April and seek professional help in doing my taxes. There are so many things that can be missed when doing taxes, I’d rather pay a professional tax preparer to do my taxes than to risk any tax problems later. I can’t imagine how horrible it would be if I had to pay fees and penalties because I attempted such tedious paperwork and did it wrong!

Improperly filing my taxes is one of my biggest fears.  Up until I started working for myself, our taxes were easy and didn’t include many write-offs.  Now that I’m having to pay for every little thing and keep track of every single penny, I’m scared I might miss something or screw up the numbers. I never really was a math wiz and my anxiety around tax time surely doesn’t make the daunting task of filing taxes any easier.

This is the first year in quite some time I’ll be paying someone to do my taxes for me and I’m both happy about letting someone else deal with the headache and nervous about how easy the process will actually be.  I am glad that most tax preparers will offer you IRS help if you DO get audited and that makes me feel a little better about filing. I can’t imagine having to deal with an audit from the IRS on my own!

How will YOU be filing your taxes this year?  Do you plan on doing them yourself at home, or paying someone who knows what they’re doing to gather your information and properly prepare your taxes?


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