HOT Coupon: Grab Any 16-ounce Smoothie From Jamba Juice For Only $2.00!

Summer officially starts next week and what better way to cool off than with a delicious smoothie made with fresh ingredients like those from Jamba Juice?!  Daddy is addicted to Jamba Juice smoothies and I’m sure he’s going to freak out when I tell him I’ve found a coupon to get a 16-ounce smoothie for only $2!

If you enjoy a nice refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day, make sure you grab your $2 smoothie from Jamba Juice coupon NOW!  Click the banner above and type in your zip code to find a Jamba Juice in  your area.  Fill out your information and VOILA, you’re done!  The program will also send you great deals on restaurants in your area {opt out of the emails at any time!}, but you’ll get instant access to your $2 coupon :)


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