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Don’t you just love it when your house smells good?  Because smell is such a powerful sense, your house somehow seems cleaner when it smells lovely as you enter each room. I have incense all around my house and I like for each scent to represent the room it’s in.  For my bathroom, of course, I like a clean, fresh smell, while I prefer my kitchen to smell like fruits and other food-like scents.

Recently, I was sent a candle warmer from Eclipse Candle Company.  I have to admit, I’d never tried a candle warmer before!  I’ve had incense sticks, scented oils, and candles in neat containers, but never a candle warmer.  I’ve always been impressed with the idea of warming a candle instead of burning it – after all, it would definitely help the candle last longer – but I’ve always talked myself out of getting one.  That was, until I heard about the candle warmers from Eclipse Candle Company!

The candle warmer I received is a brown glass warmer with a 25-watt halogen bulb. It’s called the Paloma Warmer {$28}and it is just stunning both when it’s lit and when it’s not.  The large bowl on top fits a large amount of candle {whether it’s from the Memory Melts collection to help the room smell good or the Body Melts collection to make your body smell good} and has a beautiful leaf shape in the center that definitely sets it apart and adds something special.  It can be seen clearly as the candle warmer is on and when turned off and cooled, the indentation of the leaf makes a neat image in the cooled candle wax.

Memory Melts – Seasonal Dragonfly Summer Collection {available until August 31st} {$9}

While I loved all of the Memory Melts scents that were sent to me – my favorite was, by far, Jibbly’s Berry Shuffle.  It has a very fruity smell and is powerful without giving me a headache {something that often happens when I get around strong scents}.  The huge 7oz bar has been “warming” for DAYS and doesn’t seem to be getting any lower in the dish!  At about double the size of most melts or bars you’ll find for candle warmers, these compact candles last a REALLY long time.  At only $9/6-pack, that’s a HUGE savings on some amazing scents.

Tip: If you want to change scents before you finish one of the bars, just place the bowl with cooled candle wax in the freezer for 2o-minutes!  The candle wax compresses causing the wax to get harder and separate from the bowl. Store the wax in a baggie or small container until the next time you want to use that scent!

Busy Body Melts – the purse-friendly version of Body Melts {$8}

This handy little tin, filled with the delicious smell of a pina colada smoothie, has quickly become my best friend!  Busy Body Melts can be used either in your warmer {they warm up quickly so just put a little of the busy body melt into a clean warmer until it melts, turn off the warmer, then apply to your skin} or directly from the tin while you’re on the go!

I love the Busy Body Melts because they really do soften your skin and smell just like the large counter parts – Body Melts. Every time I apply some, my hubby comments on how delicious I smell :P

Some awesome uses for Body Melts include:

  • Massage Oil
  • Treat Hands, Elbows, Knees, and Heels
  • Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
  • Tame Frizz and Fly-Aways in you hair
  • Soothing Aftershave – Daddy has used it for this purpose and LOVES it
  • Cuticle Oil – This is what I use it for most… it really fights “dishwater hands”.  You can also apply it while your nail polish is still “tacky” and it will help protect your fresh manicure!
  • Treat Mild Diaper Rash – some have even reported improvement with skin conditions like eczema!

A Tangible Difference Brown Sugar Body Scrub {$18}

I’m a big body scrub user and I love to step out of the shower smelling fresh and clean. I’m also a big fan of body scrubs that contain natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. A Tangible Difference Brown Sugar Body Scrub by Eclipse Candle Company is the perfect fit!  This wonderful smelling body scrub comes in an 8-oz jar and provides a nourishing exfoliation leaving skin smooth and moisturized.  After the first use, you’ll be hooked to that fresh feeling you get as you step out of the shower.  I like use it during every shower and thankfully, a little goes a long way.

About The Company

The Eclipse Candle Company was founded in 2010 and is a family-owned and operated Party Plan/Direct Sales company.  Eclipse Candle Company products are sold by Glow Team Members {consultants} and one of the most amazing characteristics of this company is that they donate 100% of their profits from sales of Busy Body Melts and A Tangible Difference Brown Sugar Body Scrub to three amazing charities:  World Vision, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Wounded Worrior Project!  I don’t know about you, but I love that a chunk of my investment in something I already want to buy is going to helping those who really need it!

For more information on Eclipse Candle Company, make sure you follow @eclipsecandleco on Twitter and LIKE the Eclipse Candle Company Facebook fan page!


Please note that I did not received any type of monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a free sample to ensure an accurate and honest review, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Jan Faris says:

    Thanks for the great review about our wonderful “little” company. As a Founding Glow Team Member….. we are very proud of the product.

    • Gabrielle says:

      No problem! I love my warmer and the scents are so amazing! I made my warmer a focal point in the room so everyone could see it and know where the delicious smell is coming from :P

  2. Thanks for the great review Gabrielle. I want to share our new catalog with you. This was just released today.

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