DIY Projects With PVC Pipe

As I scrolled thru various crafting sites this past weekend, I found the most awesome and unique DIY projects using none other than PVC piping!  From patio furniture to children’s toys, I never realized how much you can actually do with simple PVC pipe.

Because PVC comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can use this inexpensive piping to create almost anything.  One of my favorite DIY projects involving PVC duct is a marshmallow gun.  Similar to the dangerous PVC potato guns my step-father and brothers would make when we were younger,  a marshmallow gun is simple, inexpensive, and SAFE for your little ones to play with.

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To make your own PVC marshmallow gun, all you need are a few pieces of PVC piping, 1/2-inch in size, and some connectors and end caps.  You can pretty much create the gun in whatever shape you can think of as long as there are two openings – one for the marshmallows to come out of and the other to blow into.

Because my husband has some left-over PVC piping from a recent bathroom repair job, one project I’m excited to start with Little Man is a PVC marble maze.  All you need is some left-over PVC pipe and some connectors.  You arrange them in any design you want making sure to work WITH gravity and not against it. Start at the top, drop in your marble, and let the fun begin.  If your design has more than one exit, it’s fun to have your little one guess which hole the marble will come out of!

Whether it’s a gun that shoots tiny marshmallows out of one end or an extravagant maze for your marbles to shoot down, finding a DIY project with left-over PVC is easier than you’d think.  There are hundreds of possibilities!  PVC is inexpensive, durable, and the perfect crafting material.

Have you ever made anything interesting from PVC pipe?  If so, what did you make?!

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  1. This is awesome! I just might have to get some PVC from Lowe’s! I want to do the marshmallow gun idea!
    Nikki-Laine recently posted..My WhyMy Profile

  2. I remember when I was little my dad was a plumber and would build the most ridiculous, absurd things left over from his work sites… but one totally got me… he made me a big slip and slide with tarp and made sprinkler sprayers out of his PVC!!

    Maybe I should make some too! Or try… lol
    Natalie recently posted..Wordless{ish} Wednesday #4My Profile

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