Enticing Your Toddler To Try New Foods

Getting Little Man to try new foods is something I’ve always struggled with.  He’s EXTREMELY picky and will fight tooth-and-nail not to try something new if it looks less than appealing.

While reading this month’s Family Fun magazine, I got the idea to try a different incentive for Little Man to try new foods.  A fellow Mom wrote in and told how she got her little one to eat new foods.  Here was her suggestion:

On a piece of paper or index card, write the numbers 1-10 leaving a space in front of each number.  Use this card to keep track of all new foods your little one tries and if they like the new food, mark the food with a star, sticker, or smiley face.  When they reach 10 foods, they get something!

For Little Man, we’ve decided that a toy would be a good incentive.  In the letter the Mom wrote, she used her son’s favorite pizza place as incentive for him to try 10 new foods.  Find a toy, food, or destination your child will want to work towards and use that as their prize for trying new foods!

So far, this method is working really well.  The first food I asked him to eat, taco salad, was met with a little whining until I reminded Little Man of the reward card.  He proceeded to eat his entire bowl and found he really loves taco salad.  The second time I asked him to try a new food, he didn’t even fight me! It was such a relief to simply whip out the prize card and have Little Man gladly try the new food.  While he didn’t enjoy the tomatoes on his pizza, Little Man gladly took a big bite to see if he liked it or not. In the past, I never would have been able to get him to try it!

What things to do you do to get your picky eater to try new foods?

Paper Towel Robots

Aren’t those cute?!

I got the idea to make these cute little robots from this month’s issue of Family Fun.  While they aren’t exactly like the ones in the magazine {we used what we had on hand}, they are a really fun and simple craft to do with toddlers!

To do this craft, all you need is some paint, fuzzy sticks, stickers, markers, and of course, toilet paper rolls.  You can also use wiggly eyes if you have them.

Paint the toilet paper roll one solid color.  The best paint to use is acrylic, but I’m sure any kind will do.  If making it Easter themed, use bright colors.  Since we were using Spiderman as our main focus, Little Man decided on red and black.

Once the paint has dried, DECORATE!

For the arms, wrap a fuzzy stick tightly around a pen and slide off to create the swirl effect seen above.  Simply poke the fuzzy sticks through the sides of the toilet paper roll to create arms!

Draw on eyes, apply stickers, and color as your little one wishes.  Little Man wanted to use Spiderman stickers, but you can also draw little nobs and handles to give it more of an electronic feel.

So, what do you think?  Be sure to leave a comment and PIN it to your wall using this Pinterest button below! :)

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Finding Your Soul Mate Online

Have you ever considered online dating?  I have a friend who has recently decided to give it a shot and in all honesty, I think it’s an amazing choice for someone like her.  She’s constantly working and never seems to find the time to get out and meet people.  Thanks to the advancements of modern technology, my friend can now find dating sites online and meet others who are also looking for a relationship!

I used to be completely against the idea of online dating.  I guess I just associated it with stranger danger and figured that men used it as a way to find cheap dates and hook-ups. In recent years, though, things have definitely changed.  Online dating is a wonderful alternative to those who, like my friend, don’t have enough time to get out there and socialize in hopes of finding a partner.  Not only are online dating sites not for perverts, but you can actually find some amazing people, just like yourself, who are just looking for a relationship with someone who has the same values and interests as themselves.

So whether you’re dating in London or checking out potential partners in the US, online dating can be a great alternative than hitting the bars and hoping to hit it off with someone who genuinely interests you and isn’t just looking for a one-night-stand.  By finding your partner online, you’re able to build a real relationship with someone before you even meet them in person!  This is a great way to work dating into your hectic lifestyle and meet the person you’re meant to be with.

Who Buys The Birthday Gifts In Your Home?

If you’re anything like my husband, then the thought of buying a gift for your spouse – or anyone, for that matter – is completely terrifying.  Since the first gift we bought for someone as a couple, my hubby has put the entire job of purchasing, wrapping, and delivering all gifts in my lap.

Don’t get me wrong, his name definitely goes on the tag and when asked, he smiles and says that WE picked the gift out specially for the receiver, but in reality, I do all the work!

The most recent gift we bought for someone together was for a family member of ours.  It was her birthday and we wanted to get her something we knew she’d been wanting -  a manicure/pedicure day at the spa!  While buying gifts for her is usually difficult because she tends to buy things for herself whenever she wants something, we knew this was something she wouldn’t be splurging on for herself any time soon.

As predicted, the spa day was among her favorite of all her birthday gifts. After a long day standing on her feet working, I’m sure the spa trip was exactly what she was needing.

The Joys Of Horseback Riding

Are you a horse lover?  Do you see a horse in the pasture and dream of riding it through an open field, wind rushing thru your hair and all your worries behind you?  If so, you’re probably quite familiar with the term “equestrian” and all that comes with actually learning to ride one of these majestic animals.

Now I’m not an equestrian; not by any means.  I like horses and all, but to be honest, I’m really scared of them!  THEY’RE HUGE!  Because I grew up in a rural area, I was familiar with seeing horses around.  It wasn’t out of the question for us to see a rider, decked out from helmet to chaps, and their horse trotting down a dirt road next to the highway.

One of my favorite horse back riding experiences was in Hawaii with my mother.  I have to admit, I was terrified to get on the horse!  I could tell my mother was, too, but since it was HER idea to go horse back riding in the first place, she tried to play it off.  Seeing those large creatures decked out in their horse equipment would be intimidating to anyone who’s never actually ridden horses before!

A few years after riding horses in Hawaii, I met a friend who cared for and rode horses professionally.  I was always amazed by how well she seemed to communicate with the horses.  I guess it explains why she took part in show jumping.  Her and the horses she rode seemed to talk without talking and sometimes I wondered if she wasn’t better friends with them than she was with me!


Taking A Little More Pride In My Appearance

A few years ago, I had a manager of mine bring me into her office to discuss the attire I had worn to work.  Since it was in an office that was never frequented by customers {I had a behind-the-scenes desk job answering phones}, I didn’t really see the point in getting dressed up beyond some jeans and a baggie t-shirt.  It wasn’t until my manager explained things to me that I began to understand why I should take a little more pride in how I present myself, even if nobody was going to see me.

During this meeting with my manager, we discussed how much better we feel about ourselves when we look nice.  No, this doesn’t mean we have to spend three hours in the mirror every morning piling on make-up and doing our hair up all pretty with some of those fancy clipless curling irons, but it does mean taking a moment to actually LOOK in the mirror!

While I will admit, the meeting with my former manager left me a little depressed for a while, it didn’t take long for me to realize how right she was.  Taking pride in how you look and taking the time to make eye contact with strangers as you pass them on the street can do wonders for your self-esteem.

It’s amazing how much better we feel about ourselves when we take the time to actually get presentable in the morning.  Whip out the top hair straighteners; brush on a little make-up; do whatever it takes to make you feel attractive to YOU!

Rent or Buy: The Ultimate Decision

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few months about which is a better decision – to buy your home or just rent from someone else. I’ve been raised to think that owning a home is the best decision, but there are actually quite a few bonuses that come with NOT owning a home and renting one instead.

While the idea of owning is nice, I can’t help but wonder about all the expenses that fall right in a home owner’s lap.  If you own your home, you can’t just call up rental management and ask them to come fix the leaky faucet or moldy basement.  All of the charges and responsibility of repairing the problems that go wrong in your home become YOUR problem if you’ve bought, or are still buying, the home.

That’s why I’ve been leaning more towards home rental recently.  Whether it’s a leaky drain under the sink or the busted pipe in the wall that, while only the size of a dime, managed to cause damage to 4 different rooms on 2 different levels, renting a home from someone leaves you open to call owners or property managers when damages occur. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a nice option to me!

If you’re struggling with decision yourself, share!  I’d love to hear different views.  Are there are some advantages to owning a home that outweigh the bonuses of renting one?

Whew, What A Morning!


Last night, Little man got bitten by something, I’m assuming a spider, on his nose and had an allergic reaction. His poor little nose swelled up and I could tell it was painful for him.

This morning, I called the doctor first thing and they advised me that they couldn’t make an appointment for me until next week, but I could come in immediately and they would try to squeeze me into a slot.  We threw on some clothes, hopped in the car, and rushed over to the doctor.

After about 45-minutes, the nurse came over and advised me that they wouldn’t be able to squeeze him in today, but that she would take a look at his bug bite to make sure it wasn’t an emergency.  She took a look and said that he was having an allergic reaction to the bug bite and as long as it didn’t get worse, he should be fine until tomorrow.  She told the receptionist to fit me in tomorrow and sent me home.

Once I got home, I made Little Man lunch, watched a movie, and laid him down for his nap {half tempted to lay down and sleep myself}.

Has your little one ever had an allergic reaction to a bite or sting?  If so, what was the outcome?  While I’m worried that Little Man’s nose is swollen and uncomfortable, I’m grateful it hasn’t gotten any worse or caused a reaction across his entire body!

So until tomorrow, I wait…

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FREE Sample of Lipton Green Tea + Coupon

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If you aren’t quick enough to grab the free sample, don’t worry!  They’ll continue giving coupons out after the samples are gone.

Thanks to Budget Savvy Diva for the heads up!

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