Did You Grab Your Free Scrubbing Bubbles Kit From Walmart Last Week?

I was finally able to open one of the Scrubbing Bubbles kits I got for FREE {plus overage} from Walmart last week, and was pleasantly surprised to find even more coupons in them! Since they don’t expire until the end of next year, I will definitely be holding these ones in my coupon arsenal for some time and waiting for just the right deal!

Just in case you didn’t get yours yet, here’s the scenario:

Buy 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Start Kit {pictured above} – $3.98
Use – $4/1 Scrubbing Bubbles 1 Step Cleaning Starter Kit, exp. 10/22/11 (SS 09/11/11 #2) 
Total Cost = FREE

So if you got yours, how did you like it?  My husband was actually the one who hooked ours up. He was watching a show and one of the commercials was for these toilet cleaners came on.  I was in the kitchen, so he yells out, “Baby! Come here!”

I walked into the living room right in time to catch the end of the commercial. Daddy was all excited and said, “You see that? You need to see if you can find any coupons for THAT.” I busted out laughing and he shockingly said, “What?! That thing is cool! I wonder how much it is.”

I responded with, “You don’t remember me showing you those the other day? That’s the kit I got for FREE from Walmart the other day! There are a whole bunch of them in the bathroom, I just need to hook one up.”

I tell you what, I’ve never seen Daddy get up so quickly!!  He walked straight to the bathroom, grabbed a box from the shelf, and hooked it up in less than 5-minutes. Since I’d seen the commercial before, I knew what it was supposed to do and questioned how it was able to spray 360-degrees around the toilet. Surprisingly, it does just that! One quick step on the peddle and a foam spray comes out that really does reach the entire bowl and sends a nice “clean” smell through the entire bathroom.  No, it doesn’t come out of the bowl either – I tested! LOL Sorry to get all “review-y” on you, I just thought I should share how this awesome FREE item really was a GREAT find! :)


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