Getting Through a Natural Disaster with Triton Renovations

After natural disasters, many homes are faced with horrible water or fire damage. Floods can soak into your walls causing mold, mildew, and other harmful growths. When a fire races through your home, it takes with it walls, floors, and ceilings, while leaving behind a house-full of a smoke damage. Cleaning up and repairing all of these damages can, often times, be more than one or two people can handle. If you’ve got fire or water damage in Houston, check out Triton Renovations!

Triton Renovations is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. When disaster strikes, they can be there within minutes to begin the rebuilding process. At a time when it can feel like everything is lost, Triton Renovations is there to pick up the pieces. Natural disasters can leave a home-owner feeling helpless and defenseless.  In cases of flooding, not only is there the mess with the water, but the aftermath can be ideal conditions for mold and mildew. Whether it’s mold repair or water damage, Triton Renovations will have the tool to get the job done. You can call them any time and rest assured that their trained professionals will know exactly how to fix your damaged areas. They’ve got great customer service and offer free estimates. Add that they use eco-friendly equipment and promise a 1-hour response time, what have you got to lose?


Hanging with the Vermicrop Organics Representative

All week, Daddy’s been bugging me to go to this Customer Appreciation event they were having at the Bear Valley branch of our local hydroponics store {I don’t talk about it much, but the only plants I’ve been able to keep alive are my indoor ones. I quit trying to grow veggies outside in the desert b/c the animals and sun attack them! Now I just use our sunroom! LOL}.  Because Bear Valley Hydroponics and Home Brewing store is 70 miles from us, I wasn’t really trying to make the ride with Little Man. Even as recently as last night I wasn’t going to go. This morning, though, I decided that I had to get out of our humid house for a little while and decided to go with Daddy. The main reason we wanted to be there was because there was a representative for the Vegananic line of growing products we use. {Yes, call me a freak if you want to, but I refuse to put nasty stuff into something I’m going to put into my body!}

As is in my nature, we were late leaving the house to get to the darn event! Honestly, it was Daddy’s fault this time – he felt the need to shave before we left, regardless how late we were. We packed up the car and headed off. I managed to shave about 20 minutes off our trip {I don’t promote speeding, but when you’re in a hurry to get to an event, sometimes you need to make an exception! LOL}.  We got there with about an hour and a half to spare. Since Daddy and I are part of a small group of people who grow with only organic products, it was awesome that one of the store employees already explained that we use their product line to the rep and Dave from Vermicrop Organics was actually waiting for Daddy to get there!

We didn’t even visit any other booths!  Sorry to the rest of the vendors there, but we were only interested in the line we use so there was no need to check out the rest of the booths.  :P   I was really loving how many people were interested in hearing about organic growing! A lot of people were stopping through Dave’s table asking questions about his products and how one would go about growing  organically {including WHY they should!}.  I’m truly convinced this method will catch on and become an industry standard someday. There are plenty of people who think we’re crazy, but we don’t care! Our plants speak for themselves, thank you very much! LOL

The event itself was a hit. They raised over $2,000 for the Big Bear Zoo and gave away over $4,000 worth of equipment and nutrients!!  There was a zoo worker there with a giant snake, but I was too scared to get near it {Call me a wimp all you want… I’m a wimp without a snake bite!!}. They also had free food and drinks, as well as a raffle where they gave away some really pricey items!

If you’re ready to make the change to organic growing, check out Vermicrop Organics!!  I use them for ALL of my indoor plants and trust me, they absolutely love it!  I know they aren’t well known {YET!!!!!!!}, but is anyone else using Vermicrop Organics on their plants? If you’ve tried it, what do you think of it??  Why did you decided to grow with a Vegan mindset??



Finding a Rental in the Beautiful City of Calgary

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is Canada. They’re right above my country and I’ve never been there! Considering I wouldn’t even need a passport to go there, I think that the next family vacation we have is definitely going to be to Canada. For those wishing to live there, has some amazing rental options!

Calgary is a beautiful city in Canada that features some amazing tourist sites. For those who love the great outdoors, Calgary is about a 40-minute drive to hiking, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking, and camping! If you love the city life and shopping, Calgary is a wonderful place to find arts and culture shops providing unique and affordable gifts and collectables.

One of the most appealing aspects of Calgary is that they offer a wide variety of employment possibilities. Calgary is home to MANY home offices for large companies. Because of all of the jobs available, Calgary is a prime location people look at when they considering moving to the area. They showcase both affordable and extravagant homes for rent in the city of Calgary. Whether you are wanting to live near the airport or next to a big park for the kids to play at, Calgardy is sure to house the perfect rental home for you!

Toddlers With Long Hair – Battling Tangles

My toddler, who turns 4 in a couple weeks, has long hair. He’s a boy, but it really works on my little hippy baby. No matter how many times I’ve asked him to let me get it cut, but he always says no… he wants long hair! He’s had short hair – about a year ago we cut his long hair off to stimulate growth – but he doesn’t want it again. He likes it and so do others so for now, the long hair stays.

My problem, though, is how do I get these knots under control?!  So far, the methods I’ve found to work is brush his hair with a wide-toothed comb while it’s got shampoo in it, and then brush it again after towel drying.

Just today, I tried some child’s leave-in conditioner. Since I was using a leave-in conditioner, I decided not to brush his hair with soap in it. After all, if I was using the conditioner, what did I need to PRE-brush it for?  Well, that stuff did NOT work! While there’s a slight chance it had to do with the brand I was using, I really don’t see it. I would have to dowse his hair in it!

Is there a less painful way of handling knots? Since I recently cut all my hair off {and donated it to locks of love!}, I don’t really have knots anymore. It’s not that the length of my hair would matter really, though, since I have a tough head and brushing out knots doesn’t hurt me. Unfortunately, Little Man has a sensitive little head!!  He absolutely HATES to have his hair brushed and every single day we fight over his hair.

Does anyone else have a toddler with long hair?  How do they act when you brush their hair? Do they fight you, or do they let you do what you need to do without all the whining and pulling away?



Labeling Your Belongings with Mabel’s Labels {Review & GIVEAWAY}

Have you ever bought your child a popular toy, only to have another child think it is theirs?  I think it’s so awkward to have to explain to a small child that while the Woody doll may look like the one they have sitting on their floor at home, it actually belongs to my son. I’ve had this happen to us quite a few times, and it’s ALWAYS difficult to convince a little kid that what looks like their toy, isn’t really.

One of the most popular methods of labeling your belongings is to just write your name or initials on it. The problem is that sometimes, writing your name on your stuff isn’t really an that simple. Whether the area is too small or the material you’re writing on isn’t suitable for your pen, scribbling initials on your child’s toys isn’t always an option.  This is where Mabel’s Labels comes in!!

Mabel’s Labels are durable, waterproof, and adorable! With school starting back up, these labels make the perfect accessory. You can stick them to pretty much anything – book bags, clothing tags, water bottles, and even their shoes!

  • Tag Mates:  These stickers are machine washable and the perfect size to fit on any tag. Since they won’t come off in the washing machine, they’re an excellent alternative to just using a permanent marker {that can bleed through and make reading the care instructions impossible!}
  • Skinny Minis:  As the name states, these stickers are long and thin. They allow you to stick your child’s name to even the smallest labels without coming off in the wash or rough play.
  • Shoe Labels:  While this one probably doesn’t require any explaining because the name says it all, but these are round stickers that fit into the soles of shoes. They are designed to survive even the sweatiest, dirties feet, so you can feel good that your child’s shoes will definitely make it home.
  • Teeny Tags:  These are great for those items you don’t really want to stick something too {or their play set of keys, in Little Man’s case}. They’re durable and clearly state your child’s name. They’re metal with rings attached so you can clip them to your keys, book bags, binders, or anything with a clip.

The Mabel’s Labels Back-To-School pack includes everything above at one low price – $42.00.  With the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo, you get 50 tag mates, 40 skinny minis, 16 shoe labels {enough for 8 pairs!}, and 2 teeny tags.  You can now label all of your child’s items with their name in a stylish new way!  Any child would be proud to show off their Mabel’s Labels stickers because they’re customizable, colorful, and last a long time!

Mabel’s Labels also make some amazing 411 Bracelets. They go on similar to those admission bracelets you sometimes get at amusement parks and are labeled with emergency information on how to contact someone in the case that your child is missing. I used these at Disneyland the other day and was EXTREMELY happy we had them. While I never take my eyes off him in public, anything could have happened in the chaos that is Disneyland. Little Man didn’t even realize he was wearing it for safety. Since I chose to go with the spider theme, he immediately thought it was for Spider-man and that it gave him powers! :P   Hey, as long as it stays on him {which it really does, he could NOT get it off after we left the park – I had to cut it}, he can think it gives him special powers!

How would you like to win your own Mabel’s Labels?!  The gracious folks at Mabel’s Labels have offered one lucky reader their own Ultimate Back-to-School combo! This is the perfect gift for those kids who are heading back {or to for the first time} to school!  For your chance to win, fill out the Rafflecopter form below {please give it a moment to load}:

Having Scrubbers and Abrasives Handy Can Save You Money!

One of my favorite things about Daddy is his belief that there is a tool for every job. He’s absolutely right, too! He may have a large supply of funny looking tools, but they all have a purpose and whenever I ask him to fix something, he doesn’t hesitate to run to his toolboxes, grab out the necessary tool, and repair what I need repaired.

I like to apply this theory to my housework, as well. While my cleaning closet may seem to be a little “over-kill”, I have a cleaner for almost every spill or accident. My cleaning arsenal consists of scrubbers and various abrasives.  If one of my boys can mess it up, I’m pretty darn sure I have the tool to clean it up!

When you’re taking on a job, be it big or small, make sure you have the right tools. Like Daddy says, there’s a right tool for every job. Using the wrong one can really mess up your tools and cause you to spend more money in the long run. Having some simple tools and abrasives on hand can help you prepare for anything your children can throw at you! With some all-natural ingredients, you don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg for cleansers.

Looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs?

With the economy being so tight and Moms and Dads everywhere are looking for ways to make money from the comfort of their homes, I wanted to share with you guys a web site that explains various ways to make money over the internet. Almost every internet job DOES require you to be a writer, so keep that in mind when you’re researching some of these opportunities:

My friend, Nikki, over at Funky Fresh Mama is a work-from-home Mom who really knows how to find money on the internet!  While these jobs may not be for everyone, Nikki only shares LEGITIMATE work-from-home companies; all of which she has tried herself.  I currently utilize some of the companies she works for and they all really do pay – even if you have to wait 30-days for some.

One last thing I really must say to those thinking of working from home, GET ORGANIZED! Working from home is not easy!!  In fact, working from home has proven a lot harder for me than when I could go into a building, work for 8 hours, then come home. Often times, women who work from home are often still looked at to prepare all of the meals, clean the house, and entertain/educate the children. Working from home has allowed me to stay home with my son, as well as contribute to our monthly bills.  I’m not making thousands, like some are, but I make enough to help pay or bill or two; which is my ultimate goal with working-from-home.

Cheering Up Loved Ones With Baked Goods

Is my husband the only one who’s mood can be drastically changed by the food you serve him?  Whenever Daddy is upset or feeling down, a single batch of peanut butter cookies can turn  his frown upside down; and I have a handful of recipes that can achieve the same reaction.

I thought I’d ask – does anyone else have a husband who can be emotionally swayed with food? Whether it’s a special batch of cookies or a grand steak dinner, I want to know!! =D


Zoobies Blanket Pet Review {& GIVEAWAY}

Ever since Little Man came home from the hospital, all those years ago, he’s slept with a stuffed monkey in his bed. His first monkey, and favorite to this day, was Mojo {who got his name from the brand of stuffed animal he is}. Various stuffed monkeys have come and gone over the past four years, only a couple being lucky enough to be chose for a position at the foot of Little Man’s bed.

I am happy to report that the red Zoobies monkey, Mashaka, was chosen for this high honor! Little man was very impressed that Mashaka could house the blanket in its belly. Both the monkey and the blanket are extremely soft; so soft, in fact, little Man asked to replace his normal Spider-man themed bed blanket with the Zoobies blanket. I liked that the Zoobies blanket wasn’t as small as a lot of children’s blankets; it’s a really good size and allows Little Man to toss and turn around at night without throwing the blanket off of himself. I even took it to Disneyland with us and sat on it during the parade. :)

At $35.00, Zoobies make a wonderful gift for any child. Right now, you can also use the promo code “Parenthood” for 20% off any Zoobies! How awesome is that?! 

My son really enjoyed just wrapping the Zoobies monkey around his body and running around. Because the monkey is made of fleece, it is wonderfully soft on the skin – same for the blanket! In order the maintain the fleece’s smooth appearance, they recommend using a bag that is intended for delicate clothing items. Don’t worry if you can’t, though. I have actually washed ours three times and it looks just as good as it did when it came out of the box.

How would you like to win a Zoobies animal for a child you know?!  The great folks at Zoobies have offered one of my lucky readers a Zoobies Blanket Pet of their choice! To enter this giveaway, please fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below:

We Have Eggs!

Yippy!!  My chicken{s} have started laying eggs!!

Not all the news is good, though. One of our chickens was found to be a male a few months ago {I completely forgot to update you guys on that one!!}  We’ve also had two, yes TWO, losses.  A couple weeks ago, poor Ethel was found dead in the hen house. I assumed it was a cat that broke into the pen and attacked her. I went around sealing anything I thought an animal might be able to fit through, and continued to watch the other chickens {and the rooster LOL}.

Before we left for Disneyland yesterday, I went out, as usual, to feed the chickens and fill their water. That’s when I noticed that Lucy wasn’t coming out of the hen house. Since she was half way out, I knew she wasn’t dead, but wasn’t sure why she wasn’t coming out to eat. I walked over and sprinkled some food in front of her. She slowly came out of the hen house and that’s when I noticed her rear end was bloody and she’d been attacked! I freaked out and ran to get Daddy. We went around and put boards along everything and double stapled around the entire pen. After we got home, I went out to check the chickens again and noticed that Lucy was dead.

Now, am I the only one who sees there’s something weird with the both of these stories? I didn’t take pictures to prove anything {I loved my chickens – I just wanted to bury them and get it over with}, but neither chicken seemed to be EATEN, just sort of had their feathers plucked off. Now, at first I blamed the cats, but I’m really not sure anymore. Both times, I’ve seen the other hen kind of peck at the body. This seriously leads me to believe that this was an inside job. I think my rooster attacked and killed the other two chickens!!

I’m left asking myself if I should remove the rooster or just hope that he’s fine having one mate. I would THINK that he wouldn’t want to kill of his last female, but who knows?!  I’ve been keep a really close eye on them, checking at MINIMUM of twice a day {sometimes more when we’re playing outside and I can just walk by and make sure they’re okay}. Since it just happened, I’m not sure which color egg the remaining hen will lay – white or green. I guess I’ll find out in the morning!


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