Potty Training Woes

     Little Man is exactly 3.5-years-old and Daddy and I are fighting the same uphill battle every parent goes through – potty training!  Little Man hasn’t worn a diaper in about 4-months, but has gone pee in his undies NUMEROUS times in that time span!  Cleaning up urine from both child and floor is getting so frustrating!  Every time Little Man utters “Mommy, I go potty…” my stomach tightens and I head straight for my cleaner.  I refuse, yes refuse to go back to diapers or pull-ups!

     To begin the transition from diapers, we just cut back on them, really.  Little Man would use big boy underwear around the house, but wear a cloth diaper when we’d go out or while he slept.  In like no time at all, Little Man could hold his bladder through a whole grocery trip!  That’s when we cut back diaper-usage to bed-time only.

     I have to admit, guys, Little Man was doing SO good for a while there.  Recently, though, he’s been going potty in his undies more than the big boy potty!  I’m constantly asking him if he needs to “go,” but only rarely does he say “yes”.  I’m hoping that he gets over this soon and starts going potty in the big boy potty!  I will admit, today he’s done good and not gone in his undies at all…. we shall see how he progresses =D 

     I’d love to know if anyone else is going through this right now and how they deal.  How much longer will this last?! LOL  

Sneak Attack!!

     Have you ever been lucky enough to have your camera close when something funny was going on?  How did the pictures turn out?  

     Well, after dinner tonight, Daddy decided he wanted an ice cream float.  He assembled it {yes, he used a measuring cup LOL} and set it on the table while he put the ingredients away… bad move, Daddy… bad move…

     Little Man pounced on the opportunity and snuck over to dining room table to sneak a drink!  Look at the little punk’s eyes!  He’s watching the kitchen the entire time just waiting to see when Daddy would catch him!!  HAHAHA  When Daddy came back into the room, he immediately ran over and grabbed his cup up.  I just love the look on Little Man’s face – he looks so satisfied to have gotten away with it!

Costume Discounters Review

     Anyone who shops or works in my local grocery store can tell you that mini-superheroes frequent their establishment.  My toddler isn’t the only child who loves to wear superhero costumes while shopping!  LOL  Quite often, you can spot Spiderman, Batman, or Superman…

     For review, Costume Discounters sent me the above Deluxe Kids Superman Muscle Chest Costume.  It comes with the suit {with built-in boot covers}, a belt, and a cape.  Since the package arrived the day after Easter, I have to admit, I told Little Man that “Peter Rabbit” sent it!  LOL  As soon as Little Man saw that his package contained a costume, he stripped down to his undies and ripped the costume from its bag!  He was so eager to “transform” that he almost fell over!  XD  As predicted, as soon as he slipped on his padded muscles, his whole demeanor changed and he wasn’t Little Man anymore – he was SUPERMAN!

     The costume is well made and I would definitely recommend Costume Discounters if you’re looking for high quality, low cost costumes.  This Superman costume was under $30 and guaranteed to be the lowest price you’ll find!  They’ve also got free shipping on all orders over $70!  Order some for all the kids and get expedited shipping!   

     Costume Discounters has more than just Superman costumes!  They’ve got cute costumes for children and adults!  I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t need to be Halloween to wear a costume!  You can pretty much make any event into a costume party.  =D

How To Connect
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**Please note that I did not received any type of monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a sample in order to provide an honest and accurate review.  This is no way effected this review and opinions and ideas expressed are my own.**

Monthly Gift Card Giveaway {April 2011} {CONFIRMED}

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Unotron Washable Antimicrobial Protected Keyboard Review

       Have you ever walked over to your computer to find a sticky-fingered toddler plugging around on your keyboard?  It’s even worse when whatever they had on their hands ends up down in between the keys!  You can try the vacuum, cotton swabs, and/or aerosol cleaners, but there are always crevices that you just can’t reach. Talk about frustrating!  Children and technology just don’t mesh… until now!

     Moms, I’d like to introduce you to the Unotron Washable Antimicrobial Protected Keyboard.  Protected by Spill Seal, this awesome keyboard is dustproof and waterproof.  

Yeah… I said waterproof!  Every part of this keyboard is sealed {including the USB} and can be completely submerged in water {see pic below}!  You can even type while there is water on the keyboard {Yes, I tried it! LOL  See pic to the above!}.  This unique feature allows you to wash and sterilize your keyboard and reduce the spread of germs.  

Check out everything this keyboard can take:

  • Soap

  • Washing-up liquid

  • Non-abrasive cleaners

  • General purpose cleaners

  • Bleach

  • Disinfectant

  • Antibacterial cleaners

  • Surgical Spirit

     Installation is quick and easy with the Plug and Play technology!  There’s no software to download – just plug it into your USB or PS/2 {with the included adapter} and you’re good to go!

How To Connect

**Please note that I did not received any type of monetary compensation for this review.  I was provided a sample in order to provide an honest and accurate review.  This is no way effected this review and opinions and ideas expressed are my own.**

Cubbie Cup Review & GIVEAWAY

     Today I have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to my new best friend, Cubbie Cup!  Now, I know it sounds weird to have a cup/snack container combo as your best friend, but any Mom who has had to follow their little one around and clean up spilled drinks will soon know WHY I feel this way!  The left side is a spill-proof cup that holds 8oz of liquid and the right side is a spill-resistant snack holder that holds 1 cup {I don’t recommend filling it above the 1 cup mark since it becomes difficult for little ones to slip their fingers in for the treat}.

     Designed by fellow Mom, Tiara Henderson, Cubbie Cup is great at home or when you’re out-and-about!  Here’s how it all came to be:

Cubbie Cup is the ultimate combination of a sippy cup and a snack cup!  Cubbie Cup was “born” on a crisp fall afternoon as I was driving home with my toddler.  I watched her drink from a sippy cup, throw it on the floor, and start to eat her snacks.  A moment later, she wanted her sippy cup again, but it was on the floor…and I was driving.  Explaining to a toddler why mommy can’t stop in the middle of traffic to retrieve a sippy cup doesn’t go over so well!  As soon as I got home, I drew the first sketch of what is now known as the Cubbie Cup!

No longer do we juggle multiple cups!  I literally feel “off-duty” during snack time!  When you are relaxing at home, taking trips to the mall or the park, Cubbie Cup is a snack time necessity!  I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!


Tiara Henderson, Parent & CEO

Parent Perfected, LLC

    The other day, Little Man and I waited for Daddy to come out of the store and, as you can see from the picture to the left, he gave the Cubbie Cup a thorough review. XD  He shook and shook, but couldn’t get anything to come out!

     I gotta tell you guys, this cup is amazing!  Little Man did an amazing job showing everyone how the Cubbie Cup doesn’t spill over, even through rough and tough play! =D

Check out our cute video review of the Cubbie Cup:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=undTLgrqlT0?rel=0]

     Interested in trying this unique cup out for yourself?  Then I have some great news!  The inventor of Cubbie Cup is allowing me to give away one to a very lucky reader! =D  For your chance to win, complete the mandatory entry below {this must be completed or none of your entries will count!}:

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Please leave a separate comment for each entry!  If your email is not visible in your profile, please be sure to leave it in one of your entries.

This giveaway ends Monday, May 9, 2011 @ 11:59pm (PST).  A winner will be chosen at random (using RANDOM.ORG) on 05/10/2011 and notified via email.  They will have 48 hours to respond before they forfeit their win and another winner is chosen.  Please remember that I verify every entry.  I was provided a sample product in order to provide and accurate and honest review.  This in no way affected my review and all opinions are my own.  Giveaway valid in the US only!  ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD!  Thank you for participating and GOOD LUCK!! 

Easter 2011


     Well, the morning started with me waking up before everyone and hiding the eggs around the small fenced area in our yard {I didn’t want the search area to be too big for the toddler}.  I then put Little Man’s basket on his slide and took a picture.  Using the CatchACharacter code I won from The Neat Things in Life, I inserted the Easter Bunny and printed off this cute letter for my big guy:


     OMG!  Little Man absolutely loved it!  I heard him moving around and playing in his room so I brought him the note and he freaked!  He jumped up and ran straight to Daddy.  After getting shoes on, we all ventured outside and the hunt was on!!  Little Man kept saying “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” as he ran around filling his basket with multi-colored eggs {we used both fill-able eggs and the ones we colored the other day}.  I guess my lack of pictures shows how much fun we were having.  =D

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and got to spend it with the ones they love!  Don’t get too comfortable, though – we’ve still got MOTHER’S DAY coming up!! :P


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