Home-made, All-Natural, All-PURPOSE Cleaner

     Today I mixed my own home-made all-purpose cleaner for the first time. :D   I was buying something from Amazon and needed to spend $3 to get the free shipping, so I decided to get the Castile soap I had been wanting to try.  I read about it a while ago and somehow it just popped into my head as being the perfect item {And it was – I only needed ½ tsp per bottle and it came in a bottle 3 ounces big!}.  Here’s what I did:
Get a water bottle {you can get them at the Dollar Store or Walmart for $1} and pour in 1/2tsp each of Castile soap, Borax, and lemon juice.  Fill the bottle to the fill line with WARM water, tilt the bottle back and forth {you can shake it if you want, but it causes a bunch of bubbles lol}, and VOILA!  Yeah, it’s that easy!! 
     Honestly, I can’t say I notice a different between it and the Lysol I use {except that powerful smell Lysol has}.  It was also MUCH cheaper & safer than Lysol.  It’s Borax, organic soap, lemon juice, and water… how can you get better than that?  It cleans just as well! 


  1. When I clean, it usually is some dish soap and hot water on a sponge. I heard water, and vinegar works well also.

  2. Yeah! You could probably add some vinegar to this solution if you had a tough mess to clean up :D

  3. I love this idea! I will definitely have to consider picking up the few items you need to make your own cleaners! Thx!

  4. No problem :) I've been pleasantly surprised with how well this cleaner works and highly recommend it to anyone who's trying to go all-natural! It's also insanely inexpensive so it's really worth trying it! :D

  5. I LOVE this idea!!! I use lemon to clean the refrig and microwave.

  6. wow great idea! :]

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